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Opening hours:
Monday - Saturday 10:00 – 14:00 and 18:00 – 23:00
(10AM – 2PM and 6PM-11PM)
Sundays closed

About us:
Art Gallery Naxos is an emerging gallery in the heart of Naxos town, just a few steps away from the entrance of the “Old Market Street” off the Paralia (waterfront) across Naxos Port.
Art Gallery Naxos will exhibit a wide variety of art, from old established conventional oil paintings to contemporary art including silk-screens, etchings, drawings, prints, posters and other graphic important decoration materials, as well as sculptures and beautiful collectible items.
Art Gallery Naxos will even – whenever practical and potentially possible - strive to find the obsolete and difficult to obtain piece of art you have been hunting for, as we love art of all variations and in all nuances since many years.
Already as a high school student I have been personally excelling in art activities, although I never pursued this direction as a major. But as my professional career in the agriculture and food business has taken me to many different countries and ethnicities I have early on started to get interested in obtaining (affordable) graphics, silk-screens, and copper etchings. The direction I followed was – apart from being able to afford the art piece – to purchase it based on what I felt myself looking at it, or because I became interested in the (hi)story behind or the artist. Thus, initially these were prints from West and East Europe, but later I have been obtaining diverse pieces all the way from e.g., Inuit, Native Americans or Canadians, African art, and items from China or Thailand.
Only a few of these items will be offered through this gallery, as I have difficulty to part with most of what I have obtained throughout these years; therefore, most art presented and sold through this gallery will be art from a variation of late and live artists that have already made a name for themselves.
We will also from time to time organize exhibitions for one specific important international as well as domestic artist. My international friends and associates are supporting this activity as well as the supply side of interesting collectible art.

Hope you enjoy Naxos as well as the gallery!

             !Under Construction!

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