Naxos Like Home is offering a number of private self-catering accommodations on the island of Naxos - Cyclades Greece. Choose the one whichever fits you best in terms of location, equipment and budget.
            The hidden jewel             in the Aegean Sea. 


Naxos with its 428 km² is the biggest and most fertile island of the Cyclades (Greece). Its long and sandy beaches, the crystal clear blue water, a large number of mountain villages, lots of hidden byzantine churches and quite some ancient monuments make it unique and unbeatable.


A bright variety of activities offered - like windsurfing, kiting, hiking, sailing, horse riding, diving, mountain biking, bus island tours and various boat trips - will make your stay unforgettable.

Lennart Neubauer
Naos The Silver Gallery
Taxi Naxos Greece
Charisma by Sissel
Real Naxos
Aegean Blue
Ella Hellas
Maggie's Handmade
Welcome Sergis Electric Naxos

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